Production Department

Since 2014, the film production company Groupe Audiovisuel Cinemahas always supported production projects.
– LUCIE directed by par Stéphane LE COZ,
– AKIM directed by Nicolas KAROLSZYK, 
– GAME OVER directed by Charles OSSOLA, 
– COUP DE JEUNE directed by Samuel TUDELA, 
– TESTING directed by Arnaud DENNEMONT (EICAR pubs),
– POSTACTION directed by Pascal SAVARD.
– REVELATION directed by François Girard,
UT19 directed by Nicolas KAROLSZYK,
– SOCIOPATHE directed by Christophe Monier

Thanks to the dedication and complicity of the director, producer and scenarist Pascal SAVARD, the company develops and diversifies in terms of directing and continues to support new projects.

Our Movies


directed by Pascal Savard

The first film produced by the GAC, and the first short film by its author, Pascal Savard, PostAction portrays Alex, a young man, in search of his father, who was a police officer…

After several world tours, a stint on American television, and some sixty selections at various festivals and broadcasts (including Odense, Detmold, Festroia, the Boonies, San Luis Obispo, Orlando, Atlanta, Metz, Avignon…), this first film ended its career to give way to our new productions.

Synopsis :

Alex, in his thirties, is looking for his father, whom he knows little about. In his memory, he was a policeman.

Alex kidnaps law enforcement officers in order to interrogate them, until the day when Alex seems to find the man he is looking for.

Data Sheet
Genre : Crime thriller
Country : France
Direction : Pascal SAVARD
Duration : 14 minutes
Production : Groupe Audiovisuel Cinéma

Yannick PONTIER.

Visa number : 142930
Classification : Restricted (No One 16 and Under Admitted)

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Synopsis :

A woman wakes up in a cemetery, in front of a man. What if he offers her a new life through death…?

Data Sheet
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Director : François Girard
Duration : 2 minutes 43
Production : Groupe Audiovisuel Cinéma

Actors :
François Girard
Clémence Verniau
Michel Feder
Anouchka Csernakova
Léo Castanié Marhaba


Directed by François Girard


Promotional short movie, produced by the Groupe Audiovisuel Cinema

Synopsis :

Thanks to joint investigations carried out by various specialized French intelligence services, a series of planned attacks will be thwarted by specialized intervention forces.
However, given their unique dangerousness, they will have a lot to do against this association of extremist paramilitary groups willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Data sheet
Genre : Action
Duration : 3 minutes
Director : Nicolas KAROLSZYK
Author : Groupe Audiovisuel Cinéma
Stage : Under preparation
Production : Groupe Audiovisuel Cinéma
Shooting prevision :2018/2019
Shooting location : Ile-de-France, Fréjus, St Raphaël
Languages : English / French


Ongoing Projects

This project produced by the Groupe Audiovisuel Cinéma is under development.

Louis is a sociopath, ready to do anything to keep his life unfathomable.
Due to his peculiarity, Louis is regularly contacted by powerful men in order to settle particular cases.
His family, kept away from his activities, only hopes that he will become more human.

Data sheet
Genre: Crime thriller
Production: Groupe Audiovisuel Cinéma
Duration: 6 x 52 minutes
Director: Christophe MONIER
Author: François Girard
Stage: Under development
Shooting date: Fall 2018
Shooting location: Bretagne, Paris, Île-de-France
Series filmed in English