Services provision for movies

The Groupe Audiovisuel Cinema provides all the technical services and support required to ensure realism in fiction movies. Our simplified turnkey services are entirely designed for your projects requiring technical and specific skills.

Elite Units for movie

Our team of trained specialists and members of elite units, can help you to ensure realism of all the movie scenes with tactical assault and counter terrorist intervention.

We can provide you all the Elite Units of french Police and Gendarmerie :


We also have a team of trained members of plainclothes Elite Units, like SDLP, GSPR and officlal Bodyguards

Law Enforcement units

Our professionals are proficient in all the Police and Army technical gestures and operating procedures (arrests, demonstration containment and riot control, security operation, crime and accident scene, …etc)

Technical Advisors

Our team of technical advisors (former Elite Units and Police members) will assist you in choosing the best solution for action scenes, whose objective is defined beforehand by the director and the staging team.

Actor Coaching

The actor’s supervision is provided by a team of instructors focusing on teaching coherent attitude and gestures, in the service of acting, according to the needs of the production.
Our qualified instructors are specialized in different fields of action.
We are able to offer a high-level training, adapted and personalized to the actor, in strict compliance of the law.

Intervention Vehicles

For security and film insurance reasons, and to guarantee the safety of the entire film crew, we rely on our specialized partners who are authorized to rent professional play vehicles and watercraft for film and television.
Our licensed operators drive movie vehicles, are fully familiar with urban driving, and participate in all interventions during the duration of our services.